This was the first day of our gilding course here in Tisvildeleje with our russian instructor Oksana Stanovskaya.  We are 6 participants, coming from The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

forste lag bolo

First layer of bolo after engraving

This first part of the day we learnt about the theoretical parts of the gilding, and after lunch, we each had a small board for practicing engraving in the gesso, applying bolo and finally applying the gold for matte finish.

siste lag bolo.JPG

Final layer of bolo and after sanding

Applying the loose gold leaves is never easy.  I used my homemade squirrel brush, but it turned out Рit was far from perfect.  Here is my result:

indgravering efter guldet.JPG

Far, far from perfect, thank heavens this is just a small board for practising!

Tomorrow is another day.

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