This was no ordinary course

I do not even know how “an ordinary course” is.¬† But this sure was a bit different. I had been a little bit concerned, about my own ability to teach how to draw the face of a saint, and to paint in tetrachrome, since this is also quite new to me. But I just know deep in my heart, that this is what I want to do, and then I just do it. So…

This course had 4 participants  (as usual). two were quite experienced, 1 a little bit, and 1 quite new.  Very interesting composition. Only one participant had drawn an icon before and also painted in tetrachrome.

ved bordet

What made this course special? It was the participants.  I always say that the people who come together are put together by no coincident, and this time was no different, it was just that, with this group, it was  like coming home, meeting old friends or relatives.  Thank you all for being just you and the way you are, it made it a great experience for me.

I was given the belief that I actually could do this in an OK way, or even better than OK.

And I can only look at the very beautiful icons which were the result of the course, to know this was a success!

4 ikoner

St. John the Baptist is not yet finished, I am looking forward to see the final result, it sure already looks great!

Here we are, admiring our work:



See you next time, it was an absolute joy!

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