On the iconworkshop in december here in Galleri St.Helene, we will paint the Nativity. I have spent some time, trying to draw the icon, which will be painted on a board 25 x 32 cm.

I have now started painting, just on a “test”board, to decide the colours etc. for the final icon.

I want the icon mainly to be held in warm colors, with highlights in different shades of blue (black and white). The icon will be painted in tetrachrome.

My teacher George Kordis have been kind (as always) to make the neccessary corrections on my original drawing. Now I hope it is ok.

There is a lot more work to be done on the mountains and all the rest… but just to give you an impression of where I am heading.

There will be a couple of sheep at the bottom ( faroese h√łvudsvartur /skallavitur) I have decided, inspired by the faroese artist and good friend Astrid Andreasen.

I might also add the fluteplayer…

This is how far I got today. I totally enjoy this, and pray it will turn out all right.

Have a nice weekend!

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